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3 Great Spring Activities For Seniors

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Apr 10, 2018 5:30:00 PM

fishing_senior_grandson-LRThere are so many outdoor activities that you can do with seniors in the spring. These activities are generally a lot of fun for them and provide them with some great experiences. Here are 3 fun spring activities for seniors. 

Go On A Nature Walk 

One awesome activity for seniors to participate in during the spring is a nature walk. Spring is a beautiful time when the trees get their green leaves back, the flowers are in full bloom, and everything just looks new and amazing. There are so many different natural trails to choose from that range from simple and short to a bit longer and more difficult. This makes it easy to find a trail that works for whatever mobility level the senior has. Also, some trails are wheelchair friendly, so you can easily push a senior up and down them, allowing them to enjoy the beauty of nature, even if they can't walk. 

Plant A Garden

Spring is the time for planting. Because of this, a great senior activity is to plant a garden. This garden can be big or small and it can be a personal garden or a group garden. The seniors will love being able to pick out what fruits and vegetables they would like to plant in the garden because they know that they can enjoy them later. The garden also gives them something to take care of throughout the course of the summer, making it a fun, long-term activity for them as well. 

Create A Spring Craft 

A fun activity for seniors, and a great way to celebrate spring, is to create a spring craft. This could be anything from a spring wreath for their door, to a homemade bird feeder. This project will be fun for them and allow them to use some of the creative skills to make something special. 

Seniors can enjoy the spring by participating in activities, such as going for a nature walk, planting a garden, or creating a fun spring craft. 

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